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Adding video files using ePortfolio Mobile

  • Adding and tagging content in your ePortfolio requires the appropriate ePortfolio and tag management role permissions.
  • You can only delete items from ePortfolio using the desktop version of ePortfolio, not using the mobile app.
  1. Tap the   Add icon on the My Items, Shared With Me, or Activity Feed screen.
  2. Tap the   Video icon.
  3. Select an existing video file or record a new one.

    Note  The maximum video length you can add is 30 seconds.

  4. Enter a reflection to accompany your video file artifact.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Tap the X or icon to edit the title of your video file. You can also do the following with your new artifact:
    • Share  Select the users you want to share your video file with.
    • Add Tag  Classify your video file with tags.
    • Collections or  Add to Collection  Organize your video file by putting it into a collection.
  7. Tap Post or the arrow icon.